Not Everyone Agrees That The Bathroom Should Take Top Priority In Renovations

A bathroom is a high-traffic area that requires Perth bathroom renovation to give it a facelift. Women see the kitchen as the biggest priority for renovation (25% women versus 19% men) while men prefer the bathroom to be renovated (22% men versus 17% women). Men are also most likely to consider a living room refurbishment (17% men versus 13% women).

Every year, homeowners all over the world decide to renovate their bathrooms because it is the most valuable in terms of home resale. The National Kitchen and Bath Association lists down the most likely costs of bathroom renovations:

• Design fees – 4%
• Installation – 20%
• Fixtures – 15%
• Cabinetry and hardware – 16%
• Countertops – 7%
• Lighting and ventilation – 5%
• Flooring – 9%
• Doors and windows – 4%
• Walls and ceilings – 5%
• Faucets and plumbing – 14%
• Others – 1%

Many factors are involved in deciding on a bathroom remodel like price, style, selection and the amount of time it will to complete. For many homeowners, having their bathrooms torn apart and unusable for a length of time is not appealing. To solve this issue, the option is acrylic bathroom remodeling that is quick and cost effective. It tends to provide a real difference with new acrylic bath and shower designs to give bathroom a fresh new look.

An acrylic bathroom has its advantages. It is not prone to the growth of molds and mildew and requires a relatively short amount of time for scrubbing. It is definitely worth the investment than having a dingy, outdated and hard to clean bath or shower. An average person spends so much time inside the bathroom; about 70 minutes daily which is 490 minutes a week and 25,480 minutes per year. It is only right to make the bathroom a priority when planning on renovations.

The tub-to-shower conversion is a popular choice because it makes access easier and it makes the bathroom look larger. There are also handicap accessible options like barrier-free showers that allow wheelchairs. For those with mobility issues, there are safety grab bars, non-slip surfaces and easy to reach controls. Walk-in tubs offer a great way to relax and bathe in safety and enjoy a hydrotherapy warm water massage.

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Scotland’s Tourism In An Upswing

The tourism in Scotland has maintained its key position in contributing largely to the economy of the nation as a whole. Scotland allocates budget for its tourism industry at least 4.5 billion pounds per year. The investment pays off as more and more visitors visit the enigmatic and pristine place. Visitors are also treated to luxurious homes, cottages and traveler’s inn in the area. Particularly near the Cairngorms National Park located near the Highlands of Scotland, there are self catering Aviemore luxurious cottages available on a first come first serve basis.

The boom in the tourism industry

In the recent years, Scotland experienced a spike in the number of visitors touring the place. The expectations of visitors according to survey also grew with the ever sophistication in the advanced world. People tend to shift attraction to more rounded experiences, away from the traditional individual tourism attractions. People are looking forward to be catered with a high quality experience in every point of the journey.

The target

The customers’ demand is an opportunity for Scotland to up their game in bringing a classic and sophisticated experience for their travelers. The leaders of Scotland are eyeing to turn the nation’s tourism assets into authentic and quality visitor experiences. This will inspire the strategy of Scotland’s tourism for the next few years.

Scotland’s special appeal to various visitors from across the globe can be attributed to the distinct history, culture and islands in the country.

Heritage, nature and activities

Scotland is one of the best places that one has yet to explore during holidays and short breaks from work or school. The place has dramatic seascapes and landscapes. It also boasts of a colorful and rich history with a vibrant culture. When in Scotland, you can go golfing, wildlife- watching, visiting castles and other historical sites and do some adventure sports.

Destination cities and rural areas

There are different destination cities and towns in Scotland which include Oban, St Andrews, Pitlochry and internationally acclaimed cities Glasgow and Edinburgh. These places hold a very great appeal for business as well as leisure for visitors, travelers and business associates. These go-to places also offer different festivities and events.

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Eden Prairie Lacrosse Team Dons Blue Ribbons To Honor Sydney Galleger

The girl’s lacrosse team of Eden Prairie High School had tied their hair with blue ribbons to honor their fellow athlete who had died after cardiac arrest during an extraction of her wisdom teeth. The lacrosse team would go on to win against Lakeville South.

The 17-year old diver and Alpine skier had ultimately decided to have her wisdom teeth removed since the school year had already ended. But little did she know that the procedure would be fatal for her.

All was fine when she went to the doctor, but when the procedure had finally begun; it soon turned tragic for her. While her wisdom teeth were being extracted, she quickly went into cardiac arrest and died last Tuesday.

It was revealed by Sydney’s mother, Diane Galleger, on her daughter’s CarringBridge site that Sydney had decided to become an organ donor after she had received her driver’s license at the age of 16. According to her, they were still shocked of what had happened to their daughter but it feels reassuring to know that a part of her may still live in another person’s body.

Her death was announced by her family on the CarringBridge website on Monday. They expressed their sorrow of her passing but also had praised her for her faith and her cheery personality. The Galleger family had also thanked the people for all the support.

Sydney wasn’t the only person to go into cardiac arrest during a wisdom teeth extraction. In fact, there were other cases like her in the US. Two of these cases were a 24-year old man from California back in 2013 and a 17-year old girl from Maryland in 2011.

Diane Galleger said that during the procedure, everything was going smoothly but by the end of the procedure, she started going into cardiac arrest as her blood pressure rose while her pulse dropped.

The doctor immediately started CPR on her and had called 911. Sydney was taken to University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital where she was stabilized. Unfortunately, she kept on having seizures and the swelling of the brain had overwhelmed her.

They still don’t know the cause of this and it was possible that it was because of an unknown heart condition.

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Holiday Rentals In Phuket, Targeted By Regent Bangtao for Profits

When the time comes when people get to have a time-off and set their holidays out of town, most of them pick Phuket, Thailand. The place has already become an ideal tourist spot that any traveler wouldn’t want to miss. This is why Holiday Rentals in Phuket are overflowing constantly and you could only expect that the island is packed with locals and tourists alike.

Tourists have come there to get a nice, relaxing time with nature while the locals there, despite of living in such a beautiful and serene place, have always put a particular focus in working. This is only expected as life gets harder and harder these days. This exquisite combination has also become the ingredients for a possible gorgeous profit which Regent Bangtao had set their eyes on.

Just as mentioned, the Holiday rentals in Phuket is always jam-packed and as the clients are gushing continuously, so does the profit. This is true for both those who are looking for long rental durations and those who would only stay for the holiday. Regent Bangtao targets those who want to earn profit by investing to their property buildings.

The Regent Bangtao is definitely huge and spans over two buildings with over 170 units at their hands. The manager of the place also claimed that of this 170 units, 70% are already in the hands of investors – meaning, they are sold already. The rooms differ in their designs which can be any of the four standard designs they have:

• Two Deluxe Bedroom with about 140sqm.
• Twin suit containing two bedrooms as well, with over 114sqm.
• One Bedroom with 86sqm.
• Studio with 43sqm.

Those who would stay with their rooms will be able to revel on their exclusive amenities that’ll definitely give you the most out of your holiday. They have a swimming pool, Buffet, Programs for tours, rentals for motorbike, fitness center, and every other benefits that you could think of.

Aside from the above, those who have bought and owned their units will be entitled to have packages for rental and investments. This will in turn, give them ease with the managing of guests in their apartments and will give them an annual profit of 7%.

The fully-furnished units, amenities and every other elements with Regent Bangtao, makes it a great topic for investment or even for those who would want to have a holiday rental in Phuket and enjoy the grandeur of Thailand.

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Consumer Electronic Show

iHome Alarm Systems Introduces Smart Home Products With ‘Apple Homekit’ On CES

The Consumer Electronic Show, also known as CES, was taken by storm as the iHome Alarm Systems introduces their offers to the world which will show citizens the way that will give and amp their homes through automation with what they dubbed as, ‘iHome Control’ home products. First in the line of their wide selection was a ‘iSP5 SmartPlug’. This is paired with the new, prominent ‘Homekit’ from Apple. They also have various smart home products lined up that will surely help your home develop further.

What is the iSP5 SmartPlug?

The iSP5, as the name suggests, is a wall plug which could connect to wireless internet and will let you control any devices which are connected to it. While in home, you could connect it through plugging or using wireless internet and if you’re away, you could easily manipulate them with your Android or iOS device through the iHome Control Application. The application will serve you with the interface that would help you control the devices with ease.

With the feature, Homekit from Apple, you will even have a more innovative approach of using it with Siri’s voice command capabilities. For this, you would need to have an iPod, iPad or even your iPhone. You could control devices in your home – from the simplest electrical devices like fans and lights, up to more security purposes like locking your doors and garage.

Other Offers in CES

Aside from iHome Alarm Systems’ iSP5 plug, they also presented other smart home products that would definitely come to your liking. Here’s a summary of new things they’ve introduced for this year, 2015.

• SPEAKERS – They presented various Bluetooth, rechargeable speakers with long-lasting battery that would serve an exemplary stereo experience to its users. iBT11 Split, iBT15 Splash-Proof Speaker and iBT74 Phaze, are the products introduced by iHome.

• EARBUDS AND HEADPHONES – They present revolutionary ear buds and headphones that would help users get an optimum ‘listening’ experience that prioritizes comfort, quality and power duration. They have the iB87 ‘Wireless’ Rechargeable phones, iB37 ‘Color-changing’ Headphones, iB51 Headphones with Noise-cancel features and the iB73 Bluetooth Sport Headphones that are Water-resistant.

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Paving Project Costing $806,000 Gets A “Yes” From Doddridge County

After a meeting they regularly hold every Tuesday, the Commission of the Doddridge County gives a stunning “yes” for the paving project mentioned in the meeting which will cost about $806,000. Many wonder how the cost will be covered since most are aware that the initial budget for the project was supposedly only going to tick at $718,900. The budget is on par with the projects, Paving Norwich this 2015.

Ralph Sandora, Commissioner, mentioned as well that they’ll be able to handle it by combining the supposed budget for the project with the ‘Rainy day’ Funds they have. Although the reserved money is of little amount, he insisted that the project will definitely be done.

The Paving Project is aimed to give a serious overhaul and improvement of the West Union’s Streets and many more. After the project, it is expected that West Union will have sidewalks owned by Doddridge County, all parking lots and streets near the courthouse that will be of use by the county, to all have greatly paved surfaces. This will definitely spell new benefits and experiences for the people of the place and will surely be gateways to further improvement.

On the other hand, the County is also experiencing some problems with crucial positions within their management. The Commissioners have taken part in a discussion of what steps they should do for the Floodplain Director and Director of Emergency positions.

The Floodplain Director named ‘Bo Wiston’ is looking to resign from the position mentioned but will stay there until they could find the one who’d best fit the role for him. Sandora’s idea is to combine the two jobs. However, they would of course, ask the side of ‘Pat Heaster’, The Emergency Services Director, whether he wants to take on both the crucial jobs all at once.

The Commission will still have a meeting regarding this important problem they face and will proceed to hear the side of Heaster regarding the matter. Some Organizations within the Local also seeks some funding for themselves and Sandora replied that they’ll get back to them after sorting through their 2-weeks accumulated donations. They also set an emergency meeting in order to distribute these donations to the charitable causes that definitely deserves it.

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Data storage concept illustration

Web Design Trends That Will Say Goodbye This 2015

Perth, Australia – April 30, 2015 – In this world, nothing is permanent. Everything is susceptible to change. Anything can be replaced. The same goes in the world of web design. In web design, trends dominate. Unfortunately, with today’s technology, the number of trends continue to increase and improve. Some of these trends have a recognizable impact that makes their lifespan longer than the others while there also some that only appear to have breezed by.

Now, according to the professionals at Perth Web Design or PWD, it’s time to say goodbye once again to some of these trends this 2015.

Complex Designs
This 2015, it is time to say goodbye to complicated designs because less has become more. Over the past years, simplicity has gained quite a lot of ground in the world of web design. Design companies have now seemed to favor designing websites that have less complicated designs and the people do not seem to mind. In fact, they’ve become more accepting of the new trend.

Mobile Versions
There was a time when the whole world went crazy for mobile versions of websites. It seemed very convenient at that time but now web designers have made new innovations, making them focus more on responsive design because it is more innovative and useful.

We won’t see much of clicking anymore because now it is all about scrolling. Web design is now focusing more on scrolling as improvements are being made. We will see more of endless scrolling and more organized content as responsive design and web design itself continues to progress.

Text-heavy Designs
Web design will be focusing heavier on visual stimulations than relying heavily on text to stimulate audiences. There will be lesser texts and more visuals. This is also made possible as videos are now easier to produce than before and more images are being incorporated to the design.

3D Designs
Now that this industry is taking on a minimalist approach, we would now be seeing less 3D designs, graphics and gradients. Flat design will be taking over because it is convenient in organizing and removing clutter from websites making it more sophisticated, clean and less distracting.

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Stay Away From These Home Designs In 2015

Stay Away From These Home Designs In 2015

The trends on home designs come and go. House owners meanwhile are continuously searching for inexpensive ways to make their homes attractive and increase the value of their property. Some of the trends on home designs could mean a bigger pay off when you sell your property while trends that are fading away could pull the value of your house down.

How do you figure out whether it is time to move on to other home designs and ditch the old one? You need to take a wild prediction on the elements that your potential buyers will be looking for in a house. At the same time, you also need to consider the tastes and the needs of the residents in the house today. You need to balance between these two factors. There are risks involved in every decision making and in choosing the home designs, you need to be assertive, edgy, creative and gutsy in carrying out your plan.

Interior designers gave their opinions on which trends to ditch this year. Here are some of those:

Kitchen desk. Do not incorporate kitchen desks in your food space, instead, replace them with counter space. A counter space is to your advantage in that it gives you more space and at the same time, you can have storage spaces underneath it.

Television in your child’s room. According to a survey, about 35 percent of people plan to place a television set inside their children’s bedrooms. Designers are inching away from this trend. Televisions will have a negative impact in the child’s learning growth and from the designer’s point of view, it would be best to replace it with a book shelf. Or turn the place around and put up a play space, or an area that will spark the creativity and imagination of your child.

Chevron prints. The Chevron print is one of the most abused and overused design in 2014. The bold and colored chevron pillowcases and rugs are now a passing trend. Luckily for people with this kind of design, the chevron prints are not expensive to update. Replace this stuff with solid colored fabrics or animal hide pieces.

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How  School Teachers At Hooper Bay Strive To Improve Their Students Performance

How School Teachers At Hooper Bay Strive To Improve Their Student’s Performance

Sometimes, teaching can be pretty daunting when the weather is extremely cold and the winds are too strong. The simple process of walking to school can be too much for children. Last year, test scores were particularly challenging for Hooper Bay School because in reading, 44% were far below proficiency levels and 34% were below proficiency. In math 65% were far below proficiency and 17% were below. Grades in Science were worse with 80% far below proficiency and 10% below proficient.

According to Hooper Bay School principal, there was nothing wrong with the kids but expectations are too high. The kids of Hooper Bay are similar to those in Lower Yukon School District where school administrators are trying to improve their performance in standardized tests through research-tested tools. A national model that is called Response to Intervention is used as a framework to monitor school children academically and behaviorally every week.

Hooper Bay School is embracing this approach and for students who are struggling, teachers are targeting the possibility of one-on-one tutoring. Private tutoring is an approach offered by Bee Academic Tutoring in Long Beach that has prepared students for educational success.

The teachers of Hooper Bay School are also trying a different psychological approach in managing the children as an option to the old discipline model. Instead of punishing children for misconduct, teachers are urged to praise students when they behave well. This is not a lenient approach but counter-intuitive and based on the national model called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. If the child does not do well in school, there must be something wrong that has upset him. Teachers must always stay calm and speak in a soft voice.

The approach netted good results because in the first 60 days, the number of students who were in serious trouble dropped dramatically and referrals to the principal’s office were down. However, another challenge that teachers have to overcome is language barrier. Many children in Hooper Bay speak Yup’ik as their first language and they have difficulty learning English. However, through the perseverance of teachers like Whipple the students are starting to pick up in reading English.

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Thailand To Experience Worst Drought In More Than A Decade

Thailand To Experience Worst Drought In More Than A Decade

While Indonesia is embattled with heavy rains thereby repairing reservoirs and cleaning blocked drains in their metropolis, Thailand on the other hand will experience this year the worst drought in the country in more than a decade.

The irrigation department in Thailand announced earlier this February that it will experience the worst drought in over 15 years. Thailand is known to be one of the world’s leading rice exporter and with the news of the drought, the country is expected to hurt its exporting economy.

Drought in Thailand

Currently, the Asian nation has been experiencing drought in 8 of its 76 provinces. However the number of provinces that are at risk of heavy drought will increase soon. As reported by Thailand’s Interior Minister, there are 31 provinces in the country that are at high risk and officials are constantly monitoring the environmental activities in the provinces.

The government of Thailand increased their allocation for these drought stricken provinces from 430 million baht last year to this year’s approximately 6.8 billion baht. Such scale of increase is provided by the government in order to alleviate the economic conditions of these regions.

The government money will be used to install water pumping stations and provide truckloads of water tanks in these populated and affected areas.

The director general of Thailand’s Royal Irrigation Deparment, Lertwiroj Kowattana, said in an interview that the water level this year in the country is the worst in 15 years. He further stated that the government has been doing the necessary measures to ensure that water supply will not be depleted. He advised the public not to panic since there will be no water shortage in the country.

Economic blow

The Office of Agricultural Economics released a statement that the effect of the drought will cut Thailand’s rice exporting by about 30 percent.

With the economy deeply wounded by this catastrophic natural phenomenon, the government of Thailand has been firm in its decision that it will not provide water supply for second crop rice farming. In total, approximately 160,000 hectares of rice farm land in Thailand will suffer the adverse effects of the drought.

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Delaware Basket Maker It Doesnt Stop Even At 88

Delaware Basket Maker: It Doesn’t Stop, Even At 88

Bea Whitehead has been making fine baskets for 20 years. Now, even at 88 years of age, it doesn’t seem like she has any plans of stopping.

Bea started as a 4th grade school teacher in Pennsylvania. She has been on that line of work for 27 years. But 20 years ago, she moved to Delaware along with her husband to a farm that their family has owned since the 1730s.

Her interest in basketry came after she had moved to the farm. Bea said that the farm had no neighbors and that there was basically no one to talk to. That is why she turned her attention to the art of basket making. She spent a week in Tennessee learning how to create baskets and has been hooked on it ever since.

Bea can always be seen walking around the woods and the farm to look for suitable materials that can be used to create baskets. She says that all her materials come from and are borrowed from nature. In winters, you can see her roaming around the woods, looking for honeysuckle vines and bringing them home.

Bea does not only make baskets, she also makes use of gourds in her works.

The idea was brought to her 5 years ago when she saw a gourd made by another person and the idea stuck to her. She thought that integrating gourds in her line of work would be fun. Another factor that urged her to use gourds was the declining phase of baskets. She said that baskets were a huge trend 10 years ago, but that phased passed and she needed something new.

But it would also seem that baskets are making a huge comeback especially now that more people are paying attention to the value of using eco-friendly materials to help care for the environment. Plus it is reusable unlike plastic bags that are not only disposable, but also pose a lot of threats to the environment.

When asked to why Bea Whitehead still continues to make fine baskets even at the fruitful age of 88, she would reply that basket making keeps her busy, and that she needed to be busy.

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Reality TV Show Will Continue To Air Even After Imprisonment Of Main Cast Member

Reality TV Show Will Continue To Air Even After Imprisonment Of Main Cast Member

Questions have been raised as to what Bravo plans to do with The Real Housewives of New Jersey now that a central cast is behind bars. The show had greatly focused on the legal problems of Teresa Guidice and her husband, Joe, for a considerable amount of time now. It made for good TV and good ratings especially when the producers decided to include some family members in the past seasons. But now that Teresa is in jail and her family members gone, Bravo is left struggling with the decision on what road should the show be taking.

The main cause of this struggle is probably the fact that due to Bravo giving too much exposure on Teresa Guidice and her family; the other cast members had little time to develop their own story and relevance.

There are many rumors circulating around the media about the show but most of them revolve around RHNJ going on without Teresa.

According to a source that is connected to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the show would continue on without Teresa and that Bravo is only delaying the announcement until February.

There is no certainty as to whether Teresa would return to the show after she is released next winter or if she would even to return since she would only have little time to spend with his husband who is also scheduled to be detained for 3 years once she is released.

The source had also said that Bravo is looking for potential cast members and that they are also planning to terminate Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea since their storylines did not sell well enough. Dina Manzo is having second thoughts about returning since Teresa is no longer a part of the show and if Real Housewives bad boy breakout, Jim Marchese, plans to return.

The Real Housewives franchise started with The Real Housewives of Orange County and has since taken the country by storm. Due to its popularity, it had spun many different installments including The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Other installments include those that are set in Atlanta, New York, Washington D.C., Beverly Hills and Miami.

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Euro Leaders To Discuss Russian Sanctions

Euro Leaders To Discuss Russian Sanctions

Pro Russian separatists in Ukraine and Russian militants have not slowed down in their series of attacks in Ukrainian soil. Last week, at least 30 people were killed at the port in Mariupol, Ukraine and were under attacked by pro Russian rebels.

The bloodshed of innocent people alarmed the foreign ministers in Europe. They have scheduled a conference to discuss the further sanctions that they will perpetuate upon Russia for not adhering to the peace negotiations.

The sanctions in Russia

It can be recalled that last year that some European nations and the United States have heavily imposed banning the travels of several Russian individuals. The US tightened their debt financing restrictions for Russian banks. Maturity date of debts was reduced from 90 to 30 days. Furthermore, Russia’s importing and exporting were also restricted to certain levels and were constantly monitored by interested and concerned nations of the country’s bullying to its neighbor.

Convention of Euro leaders

NATO reported that there are several hundreds of Russian tanks deployed in east Ukraine. Several armored vehicles were also spotted in different regions. The government of Russia still denies its direct link to the insurgents’ activities. The spokesperson of Moscow stated though that there are Russian volunteers that are joining the fight in Ukraine.

The European ministers will meet on February 12 to discuss the new sanctions that they will be imposing in Russia as well as tightening the existing sanctions. According to a source, the group will also tackle up fresh financial sanctions for Russia and will be coordinating these with the US and other nations.

How people’s lives and businesses are affected

People in east Ukraine are vulnerable to any modes of attack from rebels and Russian militia sympathizers. Hundreds of innocent lives are wasted because of the greed for more territory. Linas Linkevicius, Prime Minister of Lithuania, expressed how he and his nation are greatly disturbed by this turmoil in Ukraine. The values upheld by people in Europe were maliciously attacked.

Not only Ukraine had suffered but so has Russia. Its economy has dipped over the last few months. Business industries not only in Russia but also those who cater to the Russian market are affected. Online retailers will also suffer and websites like, with an international market, will be among the many businesses that will be affected if Russia will be given stricter economic sanctions.

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2015 A Great Year For Movies

2015: A Great Year For Movies

2015 is a great year for movie fans. There are several films anticipated by audiences worldwide to be released this year. The wait is finally over. Here is a list of some of the more popular films that will be shown in the big screen this 2015.

• Fifty Shades of Grey

This movie has always been talked about from the selection of its casts to the creation of the film. Critics expect that the movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be a blockbuster and would cash in profits like the book where this was based from. The story revolves around the life of Anastasia Steele, a literature student, and her acquaintance and unlikely relationship with the billionaire and handsome yet disturbed Christian Grey.

• Avengers: Age of Ultron

The pack of superheroes joins forces to fight Ultron, the villain of the movie. This is a good treat for youngsters and adults alike. The movie is directed by Joss Whedon and stars Robert Downey Jr as Ironman, Chris Evans as Captain America and Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. The movie is set to bring in surprises for the moviegoers.

• Jupiter Ascending

An ordinary girl from Earth is the heir of another planet. However a son of a powerful family of Jupiter sees her as a threat and wants the girl annihilated. The earthling travels to Jupiter to help liberate her people from the tyranny of those in power.

• Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

The Star Wars saga has continued to leave fans worldwide wanting for more. Finally this year, the wait is finally over. This movie is set thirty years fast forward from Star Wars: Episode VI- Return of the Jedi.

• Pan

This 2015, Peter Pan returns to the big screen. He is the orphan who went to the magical land where no one ages, Neverland. There he begins his exhilarating adventure with pirates and fairies. This comedy fantasy is great for family bonding.

The movies to be released in international cinemas could get only better. Several movie costumes are also set to hit the market when the movies open in theaters soon.

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Credit Card Company First Premier Drops Lawsuit Against Review Site CardHub

Credit Card Company First Premier Drops Lawsuit Against Review Site CardHub

South Dakota, USA — Credit card company, First Premier had reportedly filed a lawsuit against comparison site, known for its reviews on different credit cards, accusing the website for violating the company’s trademark. The lawsuit was filed last April but now it seems that First Premier is abandoning the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was caused by’s listing of details about First Premier, including links to their personal website and First Premier’s logo. The lawsuit had also asked the court to have CardHub pay $5 million in damages.

As evidenced by court documents, First Premier and CardHub’s parent company, Evolution Finance, had entered into a business relationship and internet marketing agreement. The partnership will allow CardHub to receive banner ads, credit card images, and specialized links that leads to First Premier’s website as provided by the credit card company itself.

CardHub would automatically receive $8.50 as commission for every card signed. In 2011, however, their partnership agreement was terminated and the specialized hyperlink was replaced by a standard link in

When CardHub had updated their site in early 2014 so that it will be easier to view on mobile devices, their engineers had unknowingly removed the code that hides the specialized links to First Premier.

Consumer reviews sites were made to help consumers choose the most suitable product for them. This lawsuit highlights both the speech protection rights that consumer review sites like Babandoo enjoys and the rights concerning the business relationship of credit card review sites and credit card issuers.

The lawyers of CardHub had argued that First Premier is only trying to take down the skeptical reviews it had given to the company. First Premier reportedly has only two and a half stars out of five in CardHub’s ratings.

This is not exactly news since most credit card comparison sites have been avoiding making reviews for First Premier because most of them think that the lending company’s products are not applicable for people to build credit.

In fact, First Premier had faced various criticisms due to the high fees that are attached to their credit cards. One credit card comparison site had even said that there is no point to First Premier’s products.

The lawsuit was dropped after a ruling last Wednesday with the judge rejecting CardHub’s request for case dismissal and First Premier’s request to take down the listings in CardHub. Premier Banks’ Vice President, Darrin Graham said that their only stance is that consumers might get confused.

Evolution Finance’s CEO and founder, Odysseas Papadimitriou said that they are gratified by the victory. He also said that the company is glad that the court saw through First Premier’s attempt to use the trademark law against them.

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Greece: The New Breeding Ground For Jihadists?

Greece had just elected its new prime minister, Alexis Tsipras. The new government is immediately posed with several challenges. Among these is its debt problem, high unemployment rate, unstable relationships with the rest of Europe and an emerging crisis on its security system.

Taking advantage of Greece’s condition and location

To unsuspecting minds, Greece is just another country that has suffered gravely from the Europe’s economic fallout. However to the world of terrorism, Greece is a strategic crossroads for both the jihadists that will be traveling from Europe to Syria and Iraq. It is also a place where an extremist could trudge unnoticed from exploits in the Middle East.

According to intelligence reports, the terrorists have exploited the land for its strategic location and its nearness to Turkey. Greece’s number of illegal entries from Syria has also escalated. Many jihadists pose as refugees from Syria to travel into Greece and then to Europe or the Middle East. The terrorists also took advantage of the financial crisis in the country.

A reliable source said that at least 200 people in Greece have actively participated in jihadist groups. People mostly join either the al Nusra Front or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

To prove that Greece is at risk of its national security, here are instances that link Greece to terrorism activities:

• According to Belgian intelligence, a renowned Belgian jihadist may have crossed from Syria to Greece and then contacted a terrorist via phone.

• Early this year, three Belgians were reportedly set to fly to Greece. They were sympathizers of the ISIS movement.
• Last year two jihadists from France were arrested. Both used Greece as an entry point to Europe.

Combating the problem

An informant of Greece said that the nation was not the target of the jihadists, it was only a gateway used by the terrorists.

The government of Greece has their security heightened. It was reported that in 2011, the Greek government detained 50,000 illegal migrants from Pakistan and Afghanistan. It will continue to conduct rigid measures of those who are trying to enter the country. Given, the rising number of daily refugees from Syria, this is a challenge for the government. Nonetheless, it will perform tight measures to secure the struggling nation.

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Israeli’s Chief Intelligence Officer Denies Issues Of Opposing Sanctions On Iran

Mossad leader Tamir Pardo issued a statement that he did not oppose to the sanctions imposed on Iran. The press release was to clarify the reports that have been circulated in which he was against the sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programs.

The news regarding the Mossad leader opposing the sanctions came out after meeting with his meeting with the senators.

Supportive of the Prime Minister

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhanyu is known for his good leadership, wisdom and fierce decisions. He was among those who first condemned the Republic of Iran for their aggressive nuclear program. He supports the sanctions imposed by the international community to Iran in response to their nuclear agenda.

The chief of Mossad pointed out that he is in full support to the Prime Minister’s decision. He also emphasized that the major factor that brought Iran into negotiation was the effective sanction placed upon the country. He further added that for Iran to come into terms with the international government allies, they will have to be placed upon tremendous pressure.

The Mossad

The Mossad is one of the elite intelligence agencies in Israel. It was formed in December of 1949. The Mossad served as a coordinating team for other intelligence units in Israel which includes the Foreign Offices department, the army intelligence department and the internal security service. It was later reorganized in 1951 and became a part of the Prime Minister’s team. The head of this elite force reports directly to the Prime Minister of Israel.

Its activities include intelligence gathering, counter terrorist movement and deep covert operations. The Mossad is mainly responsible for bringing back to Israel the Jews that were dispersed during the Second World War. It is also their creed to protect the Jewish people at any cost.

Mossad has a wide of range of operations for the years that it has been in existence. It is often linked with the assassinations of terrorist leaders and political leaders as well.

Mossad’s motto is taken from a passage in the Bible found in the book of Proverbs chapter 11, verse 14. It says that “Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

History Channel: Spyweb Mossad – Documentary

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